#6: the Fatigue that was longed for

Back from a run at the track after 2 & a half months of NO-EXERCISE. Dad popped the question in the car on the way back home from my class CIP at Christalite Methodist Home. “Later wanna go for a jog?” I was hesitant for a moment, trying to convince myself that my 5 to 6 pm could be better spent working on my POD presentation slides. But who am i kidding? Me? Dillgently doing work at 5 plus in the evening? The last time i recall myself doing that was when i was uptight over IHS essay. Even then, i wasn’t so focused =.=

Oh yeah, the class mainly performed a couple of songs for the elderly at Christalite during our CIP earlier. The guys were pretty unprepared, but i think it was commendable that they spontaneously worked within their mental limits. From the Glee-promoted ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey, to the Mandarin classic ‘月亮代表我的心’ (The Moon Represents My Heart), to a 1st-time trying of beat-boxing in ‘Stand By Me’ & a mash up of Maroon 5’s ‘She Will Be Loved’ & OneRepublic’s ‘Apologise’. The guys strummed their way through a flawed, but 100% effort driven performance :). The only setback was that we didn’t really interact much with the residents as a class…so, yea 😦

Ok, back to the original story. You might wonder why the title of this post is called ‘the Fatigue that was longed for’. Well, i used to like running quite a lot, until exhausting drills, jarring blasts from coaches & watching other better-calibre runners burn past me again & again, dented my liking. But everytime i’m down with illness or injury, i would always have the desire to run again. This is an example of ‘you learn to cherish something only after it has been taken away from you‘.

So during those 2 & a half months when i was bogged down by that back strain & recurring knee problem, i really wanted to experience the fatigue after a good run again. I got my wish today. The cold beads of perspiration hanging by the ends of my hair like, the aching legs that were tight enough till you don’t wanna run anymore, the achy feet that feels quite strange to you, the breathlessness as you tread on that brick red path & the tiredness that calls out to you to stop all motion. Exactly what i’ve been missing.

I’m glad i went for a run. But at the same time, the aftermath the put me down quite a bit. Judging from my condition after this run, i doubt i’ll be able to do much for Friday’s Annual Cross Country at West Coast Park. The back strain & recurring knee problem have  hindered me from exercising & the fever i just recovered from granted me no favours either. I’m expecting a burnt out me, slogging my way through the 4-km plus route on Friday morning. Gosh, i’m so weak now. Pain in my back, pain in my knee. A lost of pace & stamina & power in my strides. My focus has weakened too, i realised. My attention span, particular for important things like school work, is dwindling. And my resolve? Certain things i’ve told myself a month or a few months back? They’re starting to wear off already.

#6: the Fatigue that was longed for

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