#5: Fever strikes

5:50 am. 21 July 2010. There was something amiss when my dad woke me up for school: my right collarbone down to my right hand was aching. I felt ominous about this, but i got up nonetheless; A Math coursework tutorial starts today. When i was having breakfast, i felt really restless. I didn’t have much appetite. It wasn’t the 1st time i felt like this during the week. I thought maybe i just started to eat less – that’s a good thing ain’t it?

The aching continued as i washed up & got ready for school. When i left the house with dad, my bag & books seemed a little heavier than usual. Then i recalled, last night i was pretty unproductive. I didn’t seem to be able to focus on doing my POD presentation slides. I kept feeling lethargic, a little weak at times.

Things weren’t so bad at 1st in the earlier part of the morning, other than i took a longer time to climb up the 5 storeys to my class & i felt a little more tired after that. Almost everyone forgot that today was Racial Harmony Day. There was only a short video clip of Singapore being a melting pot of cultures, a student performance & a ‘fashion show’ of teachers dressed in ethnic costumes. Well, good thing there was some laughter then; it was probably my last for the day.

1st lesson, IHS. All i wanted to do, was sleep. I just felt, weak? Yeah, i think i can use that description. I just felt drained. So despite bringing my PE attire, i didn’t change into it. Good thing i trusted my gut feel. Today’s PE was a lecture about the Olympics & we watched ‘Little Big Dreams’ in the lecture theatre. It was FRICKING cold, to me that is. Throughout the entire time i was shivering like nobody’s business. Then, i knew, fever struck me.

During recess i followed the guys to the astroturf & watch them play soccer while i got some Sun. I figured it’ll be better if i got back some heat after staying in that frigid LT. In the end, i think i ‘sun-tanned’ too much. I couldn’t go off then, there was still A Math after recess. So i gritted my teeth & stayed on in school till A Math lesson was over. A Math coursework starts tmrw, & i needed to have a taste of what i’m going to face tmrw with the tutorials today. After A Math, i couldn’t hold up any longer. Mr Tan came in for History & i just told him, “Sir, can i go & take a green form? I’m feeling feverish”. Sigh, i sounded so feeble then.

Then i waited in the Admin Office for my dad to pick me up. Every minute felt so draggy. Thankfully i met Gabriel there & we chatted for a minute or 2. When dad finally came, i just released my resistance. The fever was too much for me to bear. From the journey back home & even after taking my fever medicine when i got home, the severe headache, the straining body aches, the heat emitted from my skin…it felt unbearable. I just wish that, I could die right then.

I took 2 naps after coming home, 1 right after i got home & 1 after taking some soup. Then i went to see Dr Chiew in the afternoon; it’s the 3rd time i saw him this month already =S. Seeing him always makes me feel at ease being a patient. He’s a great doctor. Went back home, ate a piece of bread, took my medicine & knocked out till 7:30pm. Dad woke me up in time for Avatar (lol) &  mum prepared a bit of noodles with veg & some fish. Not bad, at least some of my appetite was back.

As i’m posting now, i know i’m not 100% okay yet. Still need a bit more time of rest. But this being Term 3, time is even more not in our hands. There’s so much work to do: Presentations, reports, & not to forget our daily assignments. I missed quite a few already from today..& i don’t know if i can catch up with my class’ pace. Sigh, i just hope i can recover quickly & finish off all the work i need to do. Haiz.

#5: Fever strikes

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