#1: Abigail’s 18th B’day :D

So…i finally switched to WordPress haha. I’m not sure if i’ll maintain it as well as i did for my blog (well, before i started to ignore it after getting Twitter, thanks to Gabbie :>), but i did tell myself that, i’ll sign up for WordPress on Abigail’s birthday. Haha, don’t ask me why, i’ve no clue why i decided on that either XD.

Hmm i guess i wanted my 1st post on WordPress to be a happy one, & the occasion seem fit for this. The day started at around 8:20am when Janice, Ervin, Abigail & i went into the Chapel. I knew it was her birthday, but DHINESH told me that we should wish her together, so i just gave her a straight face. =_=

After a while, i chatted up with Pam till Dhinesh came. That’s when i realised he went ahead to wish her 1st. ‘Oh great’ that’s what i thought. I felt embarrassed =.=. Luckily i didn’t forget her birthday for real though! Worship was alright, Laura chose familiar songs which got the Youths to sing louder =], than my worship session last week..Bible Study was cool, 2nd/3rd time combining with the girls cos Jenny was at a company running event. Not a bad idea to have Bible Study together actually, guys & girls ;).

Glad that Dad allowed me to go out twice this July despite my Damn Heavy Workload (oops..actually i didn’t tell him how bad my workload was, uh-oh). Went out for lunch with Sarah /o/, Marcus, Dhinesh, Sean, Jon Tan, Jon Ang, Michelle & Janice at Plaza Sing’s Burger King (technically had lunch with Dhinesh cos we sat apart from the rest *paiseh*). Met Uncle Sunny & Kathy there, then Ben Lim, Jonas & Rebecca came, followed by the Young Adults. James was nice =] haha cos unlike Benedict & Hans, he didn’t kope fries from Dhinesh & me! (haha, no la, Ben & Hans are nice ppl too heheh)

After lunch, went to walk around for a while, then headed off to Bugis with Michelle, Ben Lim & Jon Ang. Met Timothy, Jenny, Hans & Tammy at the MRT. I’ve seen Tammy lots of times, but this was the 1st time i actually got to talk to her. Thanks for the introduction Tim :). Lol, we missed the train twice cos they looked like packed sardines! The 3rd train had much more room lol. Then when we got to Bugis, Michelle & Jon Ang met up with Pam & they went off somewhere..while Ben Lim & i went to look for the 18-yr olds~

Oh yes, before we left Plaza Sing, i picked up something for Eliza since her birthday is on this Tues (O level Chinese Listening Compre T_T). Finally gave Abigail my card & wished her Happy Birthday XD. Hope she likes it. It was really nice of the 18-yr olds to offer Ben & i cake, since we kinda gate-crashed their gathering =/…I guess that’s 1 thing i like about the Youth: how we’re easy with each other :).

Snapped a couple of photos, put on a few 100 calories xb & then had a nice walk from Bugis Junction to Suntec City. My ‘adventure’ with Ben Lim might seem like a time-killer, travelling from place to place almost for the sake of travelling only. But i agree with him: it’s cos going places, & being in the company of friends like these, makes our ‘gone-in-a-flash’ weekends, fulfilling :).

The 18s wanted to checkout the Esplanade, but i couldn’t join them cos my Dad called & wanted me home. So yea..missed out on that >.<. But i had a great time out today nonetheless :). Haha, of course i did, i hardly get to go out lor.

Dhinesh :D, Sean :D, Abigail :), Adeline :), Belle :), Sarah, Selena, Karina, Eliza, Hannah, Pam, Ben Lim, Tim, Jenny.

Thank you for adding a dose of happiness throughout the course of my crazy week (or even if it was just today) 🙂 even though you might not know what you actually did :P.

So to end of my 1st post on WordPress, here’s a song i’d like to share with you:

Have a great week ahead 🙂
(ps: hope you can pray for me to manage my time well in the week ahead)

#1: Abigail’s 18th B’day :D

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